A Monogame template solution for Jetbrains Rider

by Jesús González

Posted on April 23, 2018

A Monogame template solution for Jetbrains Rider

I recently started to work with Monogame, and as a Linux and Windows user, needed a good crossplatform IDE to work. I've been using Jetbrain's Rider since Unity decided to deprecate Monodevelop, and it quickly became my favorite C# development environment.

When I started with Monogame, I found out that there is no way to automatically setup Rider to support it, like Visual Studio does, so I created a template project I use to build upon. It features Monogame DesktopGL, with every dependency included for Linux, Mac and Windows (SDL and OpenAL). It is a solution while official support comes, if it ever does.

The template can be easily be extended by using NuGet. One thing I did not included is support for the Asset Pipeline, since I use my own tools to load and mantain assets (I will publish these in a later post).

The next step I'll take would be turning this into a proper dotnet template that can be imported directly into Rider.

To use it:

  • Download the solution from the repository (https://github.com/jesusmgg/MonogameTemplateRider).
  • Update the files (and folders) MonogameTemplateRider.sln, MonogameTemplateRider/MonogameTemplateRider.csproj and Properties/AssemblyInfo.cs. Replace every mention of MonogameTemplateRider with the desired name for your solution and project.
  • Open the solution file (.sln) with Rider.
  • Right click the solution in the explorer, and the refactor, and adjust namespaces to your project's name. 

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